Setfire releases lyric video for the new song Careless

If the year only begins after Carnival, the Brazilian band of thrash and death metal Setfire begins with all forces and releases Careless, unpublished track and the first released of the new album Spots of Blood that will be out in the end of the first semester of 2017. Careless is already available on Spotify and should please the ears of who likes Pantera, Sepultura, Lamb of God, among others.

Listen Careless hereça-setfire-careless

The new track also has a lyric video produced by Leandro Armani Antonio and illustrates all ideas that the band wants to show in Careless. “The song tells the story of a person trying to escape from his drug problems and risky behaviors. A very frequent theme in real life.” says guitarist Klemer Santiago.

Watch the lyric video of Careless here:

The song features heavy vocals on the death metal level and backing vocals that nod to thrash metal. The result is a heavy metal creative that obeys no standards, no labels, only committed to the more extreme strands of music.

Setfire 2017, by Fernando Pires.

Careless opens a new era for Setfire, with the current line up: Artur Morais (vocals), Klemer Santiago and Fernando Ferre (guitars), Felipe Jeronymo (bass) and Daniel Balbinot (drums). It also inaugurates their second album, succeeding the EP Deserted Land.

The song was recorded at Acustica Studios, in São Caetano, and produced by Danilo Pozzani and Setfire. The art of the single is signed by the Brazilian illustrator Eduardo Viriato.

Artwork for Careless

Setfire: photo session for the new album

The renowned photographer Fernando Pires shot, in the city of São Paulo, the new promo photos of Setfire.
The quintet formed by Klemer Santiago, Fernando Ferre (guitars), Artur Morais (vocals), Daniel Balbinot (drums) and Felipe Jeronymo (bass) has been dedicated to the production of their new album, Spots of Blood.

Pires is responsible for Roadie Crew magazine photos — the biggest Heavy Metal magazine in Brazil — and art editor and photographer for Quatro Rodas magazine, published by Editora Abril. He also photographed bands like Krisiun, Desalmado and Sepultura. 

Check out some photos below:

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